Management team

emmanuel aucoin johanne turbide mario landry hugues arseneau

Emmanuel Aucoin

General Manager

Johanne Turbide

Director, Finance, & Assistant to the General Manager

Mario Landry

Director, Shipping Operations

Hugues Arseneau

Director, Highway Transportation

Mr. Aucoin began work with CTMA in 2004 as Director, Shipping Operations, and was appointed CTMA's General Manager in 2009.   Ms. Turbide has held the position of CTMA's Director, Finance since 2006, and also took on the responsibilities of Assistant to the General Manager in 2010. Mr. Landry was a CTMA ship's master from 2001 to 2009 before being appointed Director, Shipping Operations in 2010. Mr. Arseneau began his career with CTMA in 1993 as purser before moving on to several other positions. Since 2008, he has been Director, Highway Transportation.

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Board of directors

edee chevarie jean paul richard paul delaney paul duclos

Mr. Édée Chevarie

Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Jean-Paul Richard

Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Paul A. Delaney

Secretary, Board of Directors

Mr. Paul Duclos


louis hebert jean yves miousse sylvain miousse

Mr. Louis Hébert


Mr. Jean-Yves Miousse


Mr. Sylvain Miousse



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